Tuition 1 class/wk. 2 classes/wk. 3 classes/wk.
4 lessons/mo. 8 lessons/mo. 12 lessons/mo.
Parent-Tot, Pre-school 3&4: 45 min. $60 $114 $165
Kinder, Beginner, Tumbling: 55 min. $72 $139 $206
Intermediate, Pre-Team: 85 min. $90 $171 $247

Multi Class Discounts
There is a 10% discount for a second class (same student or sibling) and there is a 15% discount for a third class and thereafter. Unfortunately, the industry standard software we use does not reflect these discounts on the registration pages, but the discounts will be included before you are charged. This discount does not apply to Team Girls.

Yearly Registration Fee
There is a yearly registration fee charged upon enrollment in a class. For online registration and enrollment, the fee is $45 for ages 6 and up and $30 for ages 5 and under.

This fee is charged annually at the beginning of the fiscal year that starts in mid August (2015-2016). If you register after August, the registration for the next year will still be in August of the following year. The fee will be lowered for those who register later in the year.  $45 for Aug to Oct, $35 for Nov to Jan, $25 for Feb to Mar, $15 for Apr -May, $10 for June to July.

Our program is year around and your child’s program participation continues until we receive her/his withdrawal notice in writing.  A withdrawal form must be submitted by the 20th of a month to withdraw your child at the end of the month and to not be responsible for the next month tuition.