Registering for Classes

UPDATE: 7/6/2020
COVID-19 has kept us closed for far too long and we miss everyone! We’re glad to finally be back in the gym, and hope you are too! We’ve decreased our number and timing of classes as we reopen slowly. We’ve taken the opportunity to redesign our curriculum in a manner which allows for proper social distancing as well as provide proper conditioning at first to ramp our gymnasts back up to where they were before the pandemic. Scroll down to register now.

You can register with OC Gymnastics using the button below, or register for a specific class by clicking on the class listings button below the class description and then click on the ‘register’ link next to the class listing.


Annual Registration Fee

All participants will be charged a $45 annual registration fee.  This fee renews every year on August 1.

Little Tumblers

Designed to incorporate music, movement education, motion and fun into gymnastics-oriented activities in order to enhance your child’s gross motor, listening, and social skills. It is designed so that parent or guardian participates with the child to encourage the fun, constructive and safe learning of gymnastics’ most basic movements. This class is open to children ages 2 to 3 years.


Introduces children age 3-4 to the most basic gymnastics concepts with a focus on fun filled fitness while encouraging the development of social skills such as listening, taking turns, and cooperation. Activities incorporate naming colors, shapes, numbers, and body parts while learning basic positions, body shapes, and skills. This class further explores the concepts mentioned earlier – it will expand on mastering gross motor skills and developing independence while building self-confidence. The class will focus on flexibility, spatial awareness, and balance while increasing coordination, agility, and strength. This class is open to 3-4 year olds with a maximum of 6 students per instructor.


Program designed for kids who are ready to begin focusing more in depth on improving balance, strength and skills for each event. There is a maximum of 8 students per instructor.


Learn basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor including introductions to tumbling, trampoline, conditioning, and dance. Introductory skills are developed for each event with a focus on safety and technique. This class is offered to school-aged boys and girls with a maximum of 8 students per instructor.


Learn progressions on the same events as our Beginner classes. Students will spend more time developing strength, balance, and agility in order to perform more advanced level skills. This class will prepare the developing gymnast for our women’s competitive team though it is open to both boys and girls ages 6 and up who have mastered the skills in the beginner class. There is a maximum of 8 students per instructor.

NOTE: Intermediate class is subject to an evaluation by an OC Gymnastics instructor. Due to this requirement, online registration is unavailable. Please email us at to schedule an evaluation.


Designed for boys and girls to learn basic through advanced tumbling skills on floor and Tumble Trak. Skills learned include handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings, back tucks, layouts etc. This class is offered to school-aged children with a maximum of 10 students per instructor.

NOTE: Intermediate and Advanced classes are subject to an evaluation by an OC Gymnastics instructor. Due to this requirement, online registration is unavailable. Please email us at to schedule an evaluation.

Private Lessons
We offer private and semi-private lessons, scheduled directly with your favorite coach. The coach will provide one on one instruction on whatever skills the gymnast wants to focus. This may involve using the different apparatus or just concentrate on floor and tumbling. This is a great opportunity to get some one on one coaching to help improve and master the skills learned in weekly classes. Private lessons are not limited to gymnasts, we are often asked and do provide tumbling assistance for other sports such as cheer leading, dance and jump rope. Please contact us for more information. Annual registration fee required, private lessons are offered at $45/hour and $30/half-hour.

Curious if we offer something you don’t see listed?
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