Parent & Li’l Tumbler, Pre-K

Parent & Li’l Tumbler

This 45 minute class is designed to incorporate movement education, motion and fun into gymnastics-oriented activities in order to enhance your child’s gross motor, listening, and social skills. It is designed so that parent or guardian participates with the child to encourage the fun, constructive and safe learning of gymnastics’ most basic movements. This class is open to children 2 y.o. to young 3 year y.o..  $60 for 1x week per month (4 lessons)
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Pre-K 3 & 4 combined

This 45 minute class introduces older 3 y.o. to 4 y.o. children to the most basic gymnastics concepts with a focus on fun–filled fitness while encouraging the development of social skills such as listening, taking turns, and cooperation. Activities incorporate naming colors, shapes, numbers, and body parts while learning basic positions, body shapes, and skills.

This class further explores the concepts mentioned earlier but will expand on mastering gross motor skills and developing independence while building self-confidence. The class will focus on flexibility, spatial awareness, and balance while increasing coordination, agility, and strength. This class is open to 3 & 4 year olds with a maximum of 7 students per instructor. $60 for 1x week per month (4 lessons)
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