– Not Offered for Sept 2016 –

Taught by Kwon Reames
Description of our SportsKarate class:

Karate Tradition: Our martial arts style is called isshin-nyu (meaning One Heart Way), founded in Okinawa.

Karate practices: My teachings will focus on self defense and exploring all aspects of modern martial arts such as American and Sport Karate.

Sport Karate is a mixture of various styles an disciplines, and is also known to keep joy and excitement in the practice of martial arts. Sport Karate has also introduced a movement based style called ‘tricking’, which is inspired by gymnastics, Parkour, and other styles of movement.

About Me: I am a first degree black belt, and have been training for over 10 years. I am a world champion in 2 divisions in the National Black Belt League. I am on two international karate teams and have been competing for four years.